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 Post subject: 1300 P slow running RESOLVED!!!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:27 pm 

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So I have had this nagging problem with my van for ages
But could not pin it down to either the electrics or fuel
And I hate changing bits just for the fun of it

So planned a week away in Norfolk fingers crossed
20 miles out the van begins to misfire pulling up hill

Pull over and start to fault find
Back in and off we go another 15 miles
Starts to misfire again in the Dartford tunnel pray to the Talbot god to get us through

So here we go into the services at Thurrock
bit the bullet take the six screws out of the top of the carb
Pray again for a clean break of the gasket

Now there was a little debris in the float chamber but nothing out of the ordinary
Needle valve for the float operated correctly
There are 2 jets in the bottom one was a straight through
so removed and just blew it out

The other however houses a small ball bearing,
On removal it was obvious mine was stuck
You can tell if you shake the jet you should hear the ball bearing rattle Back and forth
Easy fix with a small screw driver to free up
Rebuild the carb top and test again normal revs so we'll try again

A12 we got the misfire back again pulling up a gradient
Pull over to the hard shoulder again grrrrr

took the fuel cap off and released the pick up pipe from the lift pump (feed pipe)
Blew down the tube which was quite difficult but I could here bubbles in the tank
Refit and off we go again, hello it's pulling and we are sitting at 60m.p.h !!!!!

Another 20 miles the engine is not pulling with slight misfire
Off the throttle which allowed the carb to refill and it did
"its definitely fuel starvation"

Pull over again remove the pick up pipe it's just a jubilee clip and again removed the fuel cap
Blew down the pipe again several times and it became easier and easier
Either there was something in the pipe or blocking the pick up
Kept giving it plenty of puff and it cleared

Just completed 400 mile round trip pulls like a bloody train
Pulls up hill in 5th :wtf:
OvertakesHGV :wtf: (that was a dream a week ago)

It's a completely different Drive now I will remove the tank to check crap
But just clean that jet and blow back down that pipe simples it cost nothing :clap:

Islander there can only be one!

 Post subject: Re: 1300 P slow running RESOLVED!!!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:37 pm 
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Well done with the fix, nice to here of a happy ending

Paul & Sandra (The BOSS ) I ware the trousers but Sandra tells me what colour.

Talbot Express 1300d 2.5td, Swift Kontiki 640/6 Called " Harold. TOC 9 "

 Post subject: Re: 1300 P slow running RESOLVED!!!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:16 pm 
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I had this happen on my trip to Devon last month. I filled up just before I got to Honiton and about 10 miles later on the dual carrageway it completely lost power, couldn't go over 40. I manage to limp into a car park in the outskirts of Exeter. First thoughts were fuel starvation, as in your case. Took pipe off carb and pumped some petrol into a cup. Lumps of stuff in there, so I took the jets out that I could get to and found some rust wedged inside them. Blew them out and it's ran ok since.

I suspect the root cause of this is ethanol in the fuel absorbing water, which then sinks to the bottom of the tank as it is denser than petrol, and rusts the bottom of the tank out, causing rust and crap to clog the lines. I can't afford a new tank so am just going to carry spare fuel filters at all times and change them frequently. They aren't expensive. Only other thing that can be done is to use the van often to prevent petrol from sitting in the tank for too long.

If you're really stuck for a carb gasket in future, you can use cereal box card. Mine's currently one and it's got me a few hundred miles already. You do want a proper hole punch to make the holes though. One with various punches in it.

 Post subject: Re: 1300 P slow running RESOLVED!!!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:16 pm 
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Frosties boxes are best.............Theyre Greatttttttttttttt

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